Order Interface

POST api/Order/GetOrderByAppId

No documentation available.

GuarderPosition Interface

[illustrate] The guardian position
The guardian shares his location through the app
[property] Watch the interface

POST api/GuarderPosition/GuardersPosition

Obtain the guardian location information [watch]

POST api/GuarderPosition/RemoveGuarderPosition

Delete the guardian location information [watch] Guardian stop to share their location, remove yourself from the server

POST api/GuarderPosition/UploadGuarderPosition

The guardian to upload location information [watch] Share after position.Can upload their own position regularly

ThirdParty Interface

[illustrate] Third-party login is relevant and is not currently used
[property] universal interface

POST api/ThirdParty/ValidateThird

Third party login information

POST api/ThirdParty/BindThirdParty

Bind third-party login

POST api/ThirdParty/UnBindThirdParty

Remove third-party login bindings

Push Interface

[illustrate] User push sets the relevant interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/Push/GetPushSetting

Get push Settings

POST api/Push/SavePushSetting

Save the user push Settings

School Interface

POST api/School/School

No documentation available.

APPInfo Interface

[illustration] APP relevant information interface
[application] Applicate for APP relevant mesage
[condition] This interface requires server configuration.
[property] Custom custom interface

POST api/APPInfo/CheckVersion


POST api/APPInfo/NewsCheckVersion

No documentation available.

Amazon Interface

[instrustion] Amazon push is relevant register
[application] Apply to the amazon push group
[condition] This interface requires the server to configure amazon push
[property] universal interface

POST api/Amazon/AmazonRegister

Push Amaze register cellphone

POST api/Amazon/RemoveEndpointArn

Push the removal device from amazon register

POST api/Amazon/ClearExpireEndpointArn?EndpointArn={EndpointArn}

the liquidation has expiredarn

GET api/Amazon/GetEndpointArnAttr?EndpoinArn={EndpoinArn}

Achieve arn overhead information

POST api/Amazon/SetEndpointArnAttr?EndpoinArn={EndpoinArn}

Set up the arn additional information

POST api/Amazon/UpdateArnAttr?arn={arn}&enabled={enabled}

Update the arn additional information

CarBrand Interface

[illustration] Vehicle brand interface
[property] Vehicle equipment interface

POST api/CarBrand/MktBrandList

Applecate for VT200(MKT) obd vehicle model list

POST api/CarBrand/CarBrandList

vehicle brand list

POST api/CarBrand/CarSeriesList

The list of cars, according to the brand, the car department under the brand

POST api/CarBrand/CarModelsList

Vehicle model list,according vehicle model series obtain

OPTIONS api/CarBrand/Options

Command Interface

[illustrate] The device instructing the relevant interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/Command/CommandList

Get device's command list

POST api/Command/SendCommand

Send instructions to the device

OPTIONS api/Command/Options

No documentation available.

POST api/Command/CommandValue

Get the device instruction value

POST api/Command/SetH002Voice

Coe sets up the alert voice

POST api/Command/SetEventRemind

Setting up events alerts [specific device specific interfaces OF]

POST api/Command/DeleteEventRemind

Delete event alerts [specific device specific interfaces OF]

POST api/Command/EventRemindList

Event list [specific device specific interface OF]

POST api/Command/SetAlarm

Set up the alarm clock for the special device HW]

POST api/Command/SetMutePeriod

Set up mute time (special device special interfaceHW)

POST api/Command/SetContact

Set up the contact [specific device specific interface HW]

POST api/Command/ContactList

Contact list [specific device specific interface HW]

JsService Interface

POST api/JsService/GetCardInfo

No documentation available.

POST api/JsService/NewsGetCardInfo

No documentation available.

POST api/JsService/EditTerminalImei

No documentation available.

CarInfo Interface

[illustrate] vehicle info relevant interface
[property] Vehicle equipment interface

POST api/CarInfo/GetCarInfo

Achieve vehicle info

POST api/CarInfo/SaveCarInfo

Achieve vehicle info

POST api/CarInfo/ServiceProvider

Get my services

Obd Interface

[illustrate] OBD Data related interfaces, including status, travel, etc
[property] universal interface

POST api/Obd/GetObdStatus

Acquiring [car OBD state machine]

POST api/Obd/H5Sign

No documentation available.

POST api/Obd/Paras

No documentation available.

POST api/Obd/GetObdFailureByImei

Obtain the results of the medical examination

POST api/Obd/TravelView

Schedule view [car]

POST api/Obd/TravelListMonthly

Monthly travel list [vehicle]

POST api/Obd/TravelList

Custom time travel list [car]

POST api/Obd/CarView

Vehicle view [special interface]

POST api/Obd/ObdTravelListTu

Obd Travel list [graph]

POST api/Obd/ObdTopNumberTravelList

No documentation available.

POST api/Obd/ObdTravelList

Obd trip list [vehicle]

POST api/Obd/OBDTracking

Get real time tracking data for a device

POST api/Obd/SingleTravel

Individual travel details [car]

POST api/Obd/CheckDtcCode

No documentation available.

Weather Interface

POST api/Weather/GetWeather

No documentation available.

ObdCircleArticles Interface

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/ReleaseCircleArticle

No documentation available.

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/GetObdCircleArticlesList

No documentation available.

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/RelayCircleArticles

No documentation available.

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/ReleaseCircleReview

No documentation available.

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/DeletedCircleArticlesOrReview

No documentation available.

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/GetObdCircleReviewList

No documentation available.

POST api/ObdCircleArticles/OperationCircleArticles

No documentation available.

GET api/ObdCircleArticles/DownFile

No documentation available.

Geofence Interface

[illustrate] Electronic fence related interfaces
[property] universal interface

POST api/Geofence/CreateGeofence

Create a new Geofence for a device

POST api/Geofence/EditGeofence

Edit an exists geofence

POST api/Geofence/DeleteGeofence

Delete a geofence

POST api/Geofence/GeofenceList

Get geofence list of a specific device

POST api/Geofence/GeofenceListAndPoint

No documentation available.

POST api/Geofence/GeofenceByFenceId

Get geofence list of a specific device

POST api/Geofence/ChangeFenceStatus

Modify the using state of the fence

OPTIONS api/Geofence/Options

No documentation available.

Files Interface

[illustrate] file related interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/Files/UpdateFileForRead

Documents marked as read They can be used for voice chat, etc

POST api/Files/GetPicture

Get the image uploaded on the device

POST api/Files/FileListByTime

Take the time to get the list of files and return them by date

POST api/Files/ZcChatList

Chat information list acquisition, paging form [private interface]

POST api/Files/ZcChatUpload

Chat messages submitted to the server/special interface

POST api/Files/NewVoiceUpload

No documentation available.

POST api/Files/TextExpressionUpload

No documentation available.

POST api/Files/VoiceUpload

Voice chat submits the server

POST api/Files/NewVoiceFileListByTime

No documentation available.

POST api/Files/VoiceFileListByFS

No documentation available.

POST api/Files/VoiceFileListByTime

Voice chat records are obtained through the user

POST api/Files/VoiceFileListByDelTime

Through the user access to voice chat record filtering time (LeYuan)

POST api/Files/GetVoice

To obtain a single voice messages

POST api/Files/VoiceFileListNoRead

To find unread voice records by day

POST api/Files/DeleteFileByIds

Delete files (voice or picture)

POST api/Files/DelFileAllByImei

Documents marked as read They can be used for voice chat, etc

POST api/Files/PostFile

No documentation available.

POST api/Files/UrlVoiceUpload

No documentation available.

Grade Interface

POST api/Grade/Grade

No documentation available.

ExceptionMessage Interface

[illustrate] Device alarm related interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExcdeptionListWhitoutCode

Get the alarm message directly from the user id or device id

POST api/ExceptionMessage/PLDeleteException

No documentation available.

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExcdeptionListWhitCode

Obtain the alarm message directly from the user id or device id [deactivate]

POST api/ExceptionMessage/SOSExceptionListWhitoutCode

The SOS alarm information for building a guest cloud [custom private interface]

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExceptionMessageList

Get exceptionmessage list by deviceid or userid

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExceptionMessageForWebList

Alarm special interface

POST api/ExceptionMessage/UpdateExceptionMessageStatus

Clear/Delete the exception messages

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExceptionTypeList

Get exception message type

POST api/ExceptionMessage/SetExceptionType

Set alarm class switch [deactivate]

POST api/ExceptionMessage/DeleteException

Delete the alarm message

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ReadException

Identify single or multiple alarms as read

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ReadAllException

Identify all the alarm messages as read

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExcdeptionListForVehicle

OBD App alarm data interface

POST api/ExceptionMessage/ExceptionType

For specified number alarm number defined data types

POST api/ExceptionMessage/SingleException

For specified number alarm number defined data types

User Interface

[illustrate] User-related interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/User/Login

Login by user name and password

POST api/User/LoginWithDomain

Login by user name and password [customized]

POST api/User/UpdateUserGroupRelationNamePhone

No documentation available.

POST api/User/Register

Register a new user

POST api/User/FunParkEmailCode

No documentation available.

POST api/User/UpdateUserMenu

Update device menu

POST api/User/GetUserMenu

Get the device menu

POST api/User/CheckUser

Check username is exists or not

POST api/User/ChangePassword

change password

POST api/User/ChangePasswordNeedSMSCode

Change the password by text message captcha

POST api/User/UserInfo

Get the user information

POST api/User/EditUserInfo

amended user information

POST api/User/EditValue

No documentation available.

POST api/User/FindPassword

retrieve password

POST api/User/ChangeMasterUser

Replace the device master user

POST api/User/Recommend

Submit proposal

POST api/User/SendSMSCode

Text messaging register verification code

POST api/User/CheckVaildateCodeByUser

Determine whether the user exists and the captcha is correct

POST api/User/RegisterNeedSMSCode

register The user authenticates by text message

POST api/User/DoctorRegisterNeedSMSCode

No documentation available.

POST api/User/SendSMSCodeByJuhe

Juhe send sms code

POST api/User/SendSMSCodeByYunPian

The cloud text messaging service is a text-messaging service [special interface]

POST api/User/RegisterZKY

POST api/User/SubUsers

Acquisition of lower users

POST api/User/FindPasswordSendLink

Get the password back through the link

POST api/User/ResendVerifyEmail

Resend activation mail

POST api/User/InviteUser

Invited users illustrate:The requirement is a login account for the phone number

GET api/User/UserAllDeviceCount?loginName={loginName}

Total number of users

POST api/User/GetDoctorList

No documentation available.

POST api/User/GetDoctor

No documentation available.

POST api/User/EditDoctorInfo

No documentation available.

POST api/User/EngageDoctor

No documentation available.

POST api/User/DelEngageDoctor

No documentation available.

POST api/User/LogOff

No documentation available.

WhiteList Interface

POST api/WhiteList/setBindNum

No documentation available.

POST api/WhiteList/UserToDeviceClickToDial

No documentation available.

NewsInformation Interface

POST api/NewsInformation/GInformationList

According to the parameter list to query information

POST api/NewsInformation/GNewsListHFive

No documentation available.

POST api/NewsInformation/GetBanner

No documentation available.

POST api/NewsInformation/InformationList

No documentation available.

POST api/NewsInformation/GInformationById?postId={postId}

Go to the id to query the information details

ExcellentSchool Interface

[illustrate] User related interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/ExcellentSchool/Login

Login by user name and password

POST api/ExcellentSchool/RegisterNeedSMSCode

register user authenticates by text message

POST api/ExcellentSchool/CheckUser

Check username is exists or not

POST api/ExcellentSchool/ChangePasswordNeedSMSCode

Change the password by text message captcha

POST api/ExcellentSchool/AddDeviceAndUserGroup

Add equipment at the same time set up the default member of the family group [watch]

POST api/ExcellentSchool/SendSmsValidateCode

Messages distributed authentication code to watch [special interface]

POST api/ExcellentSchool/SendSMSCode

Text messaging register verification code

Dance Interface

[illustrate] Dance controller (dance team creation, dance team add member, own team list, ranking (dance ranking))
[property] universal interface

POST api/Dance/CheckDanceTeamInfo

Check to see if the device exists in the team leader

POST api/Dance/SavaDanceTeamInfo

Create dance team information

POST api/Dance/SavaDanceMemberInfo

New added dance member information

POST api/Dance/SavaDeviceFriends

Add Friend

POST api/Dance/GetMyTeam

Own team

POST api/Dance/RemoverDanceTeam

Delect dance team

POST api/Dance/Ranking


POST api/Dance/GetStep

Obtain friend step account

POST api/Dance/CheckUser

Verify that the user name exists

POST api/Dance/DelDanceMemberInfo

Delete member

POST api/Dance/GetChinaGuardian

Get the guardian data

POST api/Dance/ChangePassword

No documentation available.

POST api/Dance/SavaGuardian

Synchronize the guardian data

AirDevice Interface

POST api/AirDevice/AirDeviceList

No documentation available.

POST api/AirDevice/UpdateAirDeviceStatus

No documentation available.

POST api/AirDevice/BindAirDevice

No documentation available.

Person Interface

[illustrate] Device personnel information related interface
The person avatar field, if you have an image upload, use the base64 string assignment
[property] Watch the interface

POST api/Person/SavePersonProfile

Save the watch related object (staff) information [watch]

POST api/Person/GetPersonProfile

Acquire the device related object (staff) information [watch]

POST api/Person/PersonPhotoAndName

User register for register information [watch]

POST api/Person/SaveDeviceMaster

Save user information [private interfaces]

POST api/Person/DeviceMasterInfo

Obtaining user information [private interfaces]

POST api/Person/GetReadBooks

Obtaining user information [private interfaces]

POST api/Person/DeviceValiName

No documentation available.

POST api/Person/SubmitImg

No documentation available.

Health Interface

[illustrate] Health interface
Includes: steps, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, and health related data
[property] Watch the interface

POST api/Health/GetHealthForDay

The sum of the number of steps in a given day [watch]

POST api/Health/GetStepsForDay

Calculate the number of steps per day for a period of time [watch]

POST api/Health/GetStepsForHour

Calculate per hour one day step numerical [watch]

POST api/Health/SetHealthInfoConfig

Save the setup health configuration

POST api/Health/GetHealthInfoConfig

Get the setup health configuration

POST api/Health/GetHealthForPeriod

The number of steps in a certain period of time

POST api/Health/GetHealth

The health data of a certain period of time, including the heart rate of blood pressure, etc. [watch]

POST api/Health/GetSleepData

Get sleep data [watch]

POST api/Health/GetHealthByType

Get heart rate or blood pressure data

POST api/Health/GetJxSleepLastData

No documentation available.

POST api/Health/GetJxSleepLastDataByDate

No documentation available.

POST api/Health/GetJxSleepData

No documentation available.

POST api/Health/GetHealthByTypeLastData

No documentation available.

POST api/Health/UploadStepData

Upload steps [bracelet]

POST api/Health/StepRankingList

Step table [bracelet]

POST api/Health/UserStepRankingInfo

User ranking information [bracelet]

DataList Interface

[illustrate] Public dictionary information related interfaces
[property] universal interface

POST api/DataList/TimeZoneList

The time zone list gets the interface

POST api/DataList/LanguageList

Lists of languages

POST api/DataList/GetTirePressure

get tirepressure

POST api/DataList/GetCallOrSmsList

No documentation available.

POST api/DataList/DelCallOrSms

No documentation available.

POST api/DataList/GetCityAreas

No documentation available.

Products Interface

[illustrate] products infos
[property] universal interface

POST api/Products/GetProduct

Check to see if the device exists in the team leader

Values Interface

GET api/Values/Get

No documentation available.

GET api/Values/Get/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/Values/Post

No documentation available.

PUT api/Values/Put/{id}

No documentation available.

DELETE api/Values/Delete/{id}

No documentation available.

OPTIONS api/Values/Options

No documentation available.

Aviation Interface

POST api/Aviation/SetAviationInfo

No documentation available.

POST api/Aviation/GetAviationInfo

No documentation available.

Controller Interface

[illustrate] Information update interface
[property] Special device specific interface

POST api/Controller/Update

No documentation available.

AuthShare Interface

[illustation] Apply for the sharing device API interface
[property] Personal device interface

POST api/AuthShare/UserRequest

Application for sharing request

POST api/AuthShare/UserRequestAndGrouping

User sharing is added to the associated group

POST api/AuthShare/Process

Process Share

POST api/AuthShare/RequestList

Request sharing list

POST api/AuthShare/ShareList

Guardian list

POST api/AuthShare/RemoveShare

Delete and share, and unbind

POST api/AuthShare/UpdateRelationName

Delete the share/unbind parameters

CarInsurance Interface

[illustrate] Vehicle insurance information related interface
[property] Vehicle equipment interface

POST api/CarInsurance/InsuranceSetting

Vehicle insurance Settings

POST api/CarInsurance/InsuranceCompany

Insurance company list

POST api/CarInsurance/SaveInsurance

Change Insurance information

POST api/CarInsurance/InsuranceList

List of insurance records

POST api/CarInsurance/CarInsuranceInfo

Vehicle insurance information

OPTIONS api/CarInsurance/Options

Watch Interface

Watch interface (for watch equipment)

POST api/Watch/Position

Upload location

Group Interface

[illustrate] Group related interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/Group/AddGroup

Add a group [vehicle]

POST api/Group/GroupList

To obtain a list account group [machine]

POST api/Group/SaveUserGroup

Add group or role [watch]

POST api/Group/UesrDefaultGroupList

Get users' groups and roles [watches]

POST api/Group/UesrGroupList

Get users' groups and roles [watches]

OPTIONS api/Group/Options

No documentation available.

POST api/Group/UserGroupNoDefault

No default group user group Large groups for the guardian by default [watch]

POST api/Group/EditUserGroup

Edit group information [watch]

CarMaintain Interface

[illustrate] Car maintenance related interface
[property] Vehicle equipment interface

POST api/CarMaintain/MaintainSetting

Car maintenance setting

POST api/CarMaintain/MaintainInfo

Vehicle maintenance information

POST api/CarMaintain/MaintainList

Vehicle maintenance record

POST api/CarMaintain/MaintainTypeList

Maintenance item list

POST api/CarMaintain/GetJuHeCitys

No documentation available.

POST api/CarMaintain/GetXianXingInfo

No documentation available.

POST api/CarMaintain/SaveMaintain

Added maintenance record

OPTIONS api/CarMaintain/Options

Stc Interface

[illustrate] STC related interface
[property] special interface

GET api/Stc/SaveStcValidImsi?imsi={imsi}&msisdn={msisdn}&dateTime={dateTime}&token={token}

special interface

GET api/Stc/SaveStcSimchange?oldimsi={oldimsi}&oldmsisdn={oldmsisdn}&newimsi={newimsi}&newmsisdn={newmsisdn}&dateTime={dateTime}&token={token}

special interface

POST api/Stc/StcValidImsi?imsi={imsi}

special interface

POST api/Stc/StcSimchange?oldimsi={oldimsi}&newimsi={newimsi}

No documentation available.

Device Interface

[illustrate] Device correlation interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/Device/SetDeviceReadOnly

No documentation available.

POST api/Device/GetDeviceReadOnly

No documentation available.

POST api/Device/ListDevice

Equipment list[The locomotive dedicated]

POST api/Device/SimpleListDevice

True artisan add,obtain simple device list caoxianbing 20170106 add

POST api/Device/PersonDeviceList

Personal device list [for watch]

POST api/Device/PersonDeviceListByLeyuan

No documentation available.

POST api/Device/PersonDeviceListByLoginName

No documentation available.

POST api/Device/PersonTracking

Individual devices obtain individual details

POST api/Device/CheckDevice

Check if this device is already register or not

POST api/Device/AddDevice

Add a new device for the current user [for car]

POST api/Device/ChangeDevice

Modify the device, the real man.

POST api/Device/EditDevicePwd

Verify password

POST api/Device/RemoveSelfDevice

Remove the device from the account by the device Id [vehicle]

POST api/Device/RemoveDevice

Through device IMEI would delet device from account[vehicle]

POST api/Device/GetDeviceInfo

Throungh device ID achieve device info [vehicle]

POST api/Device/GetDeviceByIMEI

According to IMEI achieve device info [vehicle]

POST api/Device/EditDevice

Amend device info [vehicle]

POST api/Device/AddDeviceToUserGroup

Add the device to the user group and use the selected relationship [watch]

POST api/Device/BindDeviceForUser

The device has the main control number and applies for viewing

POST api/Device/RemoveDeviceShare

Remove user sharing view of devices [watch]

POST api/Device/ValidateCode

The next issue of the verification code to the watch screen, the second time the user exit the interface [watch].

POST api/Device/GetAllDevicesByUser

No documentation available.

POST api/Device/AddDeviceAndUserGroup

Add the device and establish the default family member group [watch]

POST api/Device/DeviceListForMap

List of devices used on the map, returning only a few fields [car]

POST api/Device/DeviceListForGroup

List of device groups [engine]

POST api/Device/PositionHeartSOS

Latest information on location, heart rate, SOS message, (SOS or enclosure)

POST api/Device/NoticeList

Get the notification information - site letter [GM]

POST api/Device/HealthInfo

Information about the steps, heart rate, etc. Of personal devices

POST api/Device/GroupRelationPersonProfile

Relationship and device information together with the display of public displays

POST api/Device/DeviceFriends

Meeting friends to get the device friend IMEI list [watch]

POST api/Device/RemoveDeviceFriends

Break up a friend [watch]

POST api/Device/SetAndGetLowBattery

Set low electrical alarm switch 0 success,1failure

POST api/Device/VoiceLists

Get a voice list

POST api/Device/GetDeviceBind

Equipment list[The locomotive dedicated]

POST api/Device/DelVoices

Batch delete voice lists

POST api/Device/UpdateDeviceType

Modify device type

POST api/Device/SelectDeviceBills

Getting the device to upload text messages or text content is mainly used to check traffic

CarCheck Interface

[illustrate] The vehicle's annual audit records the relevant interface
[property] Vehicle equipment interface

POST api/CarCheck/CarCheckSetting

The annual audit sets the interface

POST api/CarCheck/SaveCarCheck

Add manual audit information interface

POST api/CarCheck/CarCheckInfo

Vehicle annual audit information

POST api/CarCheck/CarCheckList

Annual audit record list

Poi Interface

[illustrate] POI Information correlation interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/Poi/GetPoiList

Get the poi information for the surrounding specified information type

Payment Interface

[illustrate] products infos
[property] universal interface

POST api/Payment/PostPaymentCode

No documentation available.

POST api/Payment/PostPayment

Unified order

KWatch Interface

[illustrate] HW K1 interface
[property] special interface

POST api/KWatch/GetAlarm

Get the alarm clock [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/GetMutePeriod

K1Watch Get silent time [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/ContactList

K1Watch Contacts [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/SendSmsValidateCode

Messages distributed authentication code to watch [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/ValidateCode

Watch verification code validation [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/Bind

The device binds the success app and sends a text message to the device that prompts the success [private interface]

POST api/KWatch/InstanceLocation

K1Watch Immediately locate [private interface]

POST api/KWatch/RestoreFactory

K1Watch Resume factory setting [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/PowerOff

K1Watch Shutdown [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/Update

Update [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/SetAlarm

Update [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/SetMutePeriod

K1Watch Update [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/SetContact

K1Watch Setting up the contact [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/PhoneSwitch

Settings to reject a strange call switch [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/PhoneSwitchStatus

Obtain the status of the switch state of the switch (special interface)

POST api/KWatch/WatchLanguage

The language [private interface] that the watch sets up at the end.

POST api/KWatch/ChangeLanguage

Set up the language [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/CheckUpdate

Check version [special interface]

POST api/KWatch/ConfirmUpdate

Confirm the update [private interface]

Location Interface

[illustrate] Position related interface, including the final location, track, etc
[property] universal interface

POST api/Location/Tracking

Get real time tracking data for a device

POST api/Location/TrackingForMSK

No documentation available.

POST api/Location/History

Get history location data for a device in a time range

POST api/Location/NewsHistory

No documentation available.

POST api/Location/SaveBbs

Pet announcements

POST api/Location/Address

Convert the lat/lng to address, this is only work in China now, consult for engineer to support other countries

POST api/Location/ConvertAddress

No documentation available.

POST api/Location/MonthHistoryDays

Obtain the date of the specified month when the device has track data

OPTIONS api/Location/Options

No documentation available.

POST api/Location/GetVoltage

No documentation available.

Contact Interface


POST api/Contact/AddContact

Save contacts

POST api/Contact/DelContact

Delete contact

POST api/Contact/GetContactsList

Get a list of contacts

POST api/Contact/GetContactsListByLeYuan

No documentation available.

Task Interface

POST api/Task/GetTaskList

No documentation available.

POST api/Task/DoTask

No documentation available.

POST api/Task/PushMessage

No documentation available.

POST api/Task/GetFriendList

No documentation available.

POST api/Task/GetObdUserInfo

No documentation available.

PositionInfoCollect Interface

[illustrate] The data collecting relevant interface
[property] universal interface

POST api/PositionInfoCollect/LBSCollect

LBS information collection

POST api/PositionInfoCollect/WIFICollect

Wifi information collection

CoupletCard Interface

POST api/CoupletCard/CheckBalance

No documentation available.

POST api/CoupletCard/CheckRemindTime

No documentation available.

POST api/CoupletCard/setMeal

No documentation available.

POST api/CoupletCard/renewMeal

No documentation available.

POST api/CoupletCard/payback

No documentation available.

POST api/CoupletCard/CheckBindNumber

No documentation available.

POST api/CoupletCard/BothDailNet

No documentation available.